5 reasons why networking is a MUST for your New Year marketing

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5 reasons why networking is a MUST for your New Year marketing

It’s a New Year, we’re all getting back into the swing of work after the holidays and pressing ‘go’ on our business plans for 2022.

If you’re a regular networker you’ll appreciate the value it can add to your marketing.

If you’ve never attended a networking event before; well that’s even more reason to make networking one of your New Year business resolutions!

Here’s five reasons why networking is a MUST for your New Year marketing:


1: Meeting people in person keeps you fresh in their minds

Businesses are on the lookout for service providers, suppliers and partners to work with for the rest of the year. If you’re meeting someone face to face, they’re more likely to remember you, for future projects.


2: You’ll meet people who can help you with your marketing

Whether you’re looking for a videographer who can bring your website to life or a graphic designer to create some eye-catching banners; chances are you’ll meet them attending networking events.


3: ‘Word of mouth’ is worth its weight in gold

It’s no secret that businesses who are members of networking groups are more likely to recommended companies from within those groups. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to be one of those referrals.


4: It gets you out of your business bubble

It’s far too easy to get stuck inside your own business bubble and forget that there’s a whole world out there! Networking connects you to a wider business community and keeps you up to date with what’s happening both locally and nationally.


5: Networking complements your other marketing activities

Advertising, email marketing and social media are just a few of the ways you can promote your business. Adding networking to the marketing mix will support all your other activities by strengthening your existing connections and increasing your exposure to potential clients.


Discover networking this year

If you’d like to start your New Year on the right foot, come and join us at our next Sterling Networking breakfast or lunchtime meeting.

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