How to prepare for your 60 seconds

Many networking events have an ‘introductions’ segment at the beginning of the meeting, which is a chance for those attending to briefly explain who they are and what they do.

Due to the number of people in the room, it’s common to be told you have just 60 seconds to introduce yourself!

So, how can you create and present a business-winning introduction in just one minute? Here’s how:


Keep things simple and to begin with, just say your name and the name of your business; you would be surprised how many people forget to say one or the other!

Rather than talking about yourself, aim to briefly explain how you help your clients and customers. For example, ‘my accounting services helps SME businesses be more tax-efficient’ rather than, ‘I’ve been an accountant for 12 years’.

Also, is there a specific type of company or even one business in particular, that you are keen to work with?

This is your opportunity to let everyone know.

You might be tempted to add humour. Our advice would be to tread carefully here and only do this if this comes naturally to you; don’t try to shoe-horn a joke in for the sake of it.

Finally, think about how to finish memorably.

Don’t for example, deliver a well-thought out introduction but then end with an apologetic-sounding, ‘That’s it from me.’

Finishing on a strong note, perhaps with a company tagline, will make you much more memorable.


We recommend videoing yourself. This gives you an accurate idea of how long you’re talking for and this will also help you see if you’ve missed anything out. If you don’t like that idea, practising in front of the mirror works just as well. Put a timer on your phone and you might be surprised at how much you can say in 60 seconds!


It is of course, natural to be nervous when speaking in public, but good body language can make you feel much more confident. Stand with your legs slightly apart with your hands in front of you. Resist the urge to put your hands in your pockets or cross them over your chest as this can look defensive. If you were sitting down, stand in front of your chair and not behind it.


It’s OK to have a piece of paper or card to hand if you’re worried about forgetting anything but try not to look down too much, even if you are on Zoom. Aim instead, to sweep your gaze around the room and keep your head up.


Follow our tips and keep your wording clear and simple and you will have a business winning 60 seconds to present, whenever the opportunity arises.

Why not try your new 60 second introduction at the next Sterling Networking group near you? Our groups are about much more than just networking; we build supportive and engaging communities and you’ll be sure of a warm welcome.