Already Networking? The Sterling Advantage.

Why do 100% of members recommend Sterling Networks?

A fresh approach to networking

As Sterling Networking meetings are fortnightly meetings, it gives you greater flexibility to grow your business without the commitment of weekly meetings. We strike a balance between carrying out 1 to 1’s, without the need for recording every activity. Sterling Networks is a professional organisation providing structure to facilitate growth. Having a good mix of morning meetings and lunchtime meetings, gives you the option to fit networking around your personal life and business commitments. Happy networkers are effective networkers!

Networking focused on membership satisfaction

Our Group Leaders support members in a practical way to help businesses maximise their membership. Each group is a one seat policy, ensuring conflicts are kept to a minimum and guaranteeing maximum exposure for each member. The ‘Activity Round’ at the end of each meeting demonstrates that there is more to Sterling Networks than just the scheduled meeting. It’s a network of connections, helping businesses build practical, effective, relevant business contacts to grow their business in a profitable way.

At this point, it is important to note that we put no pressure whatsoever on any member to bring or give referrals. In our experience, referrals are given naturally as and when they arise, and are far more effective when given through the ‘natural when ready’ method rather than forced.

Cost effective membership

As a member of Sterling Networks, you can visit any other groups, as long as there is no conflict in profession. This extends the reach of your business beyond your group, you have the potential to visit another 13 groups and rising, just for the price of a breakfast or lunch. A fortnightly networking group is cheaper than the weekly commitment, so your sales and marketing budgets stretches that little bit further.

Let’s get practical

Our venues are carefully selected to ensure they are easy to get to, with good transport links. We’ve listened to our members…. they want onsite parking, so that’s what our meetings usually have. Whether it’s breakfast or lunch, our networking meetings provide the highest quality food and refreshments so that your meeting is as pleasurable as possible.

Delivers on results that are important to your business

But overall Sterling Networks delivers on results: building networks, driving sales, gaining exposure for your brand and consistently providing opportunities to grow your business. Ask yourself… do your current networking activities tick all the boxes that Sterling Networks can?

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