Attend a Business Network Meeting

Get ready to start a conversation at your first Sterling networking meeting.

We have successful networking groups across many regions, ready to welcome you at your first Sterling networking meeting. But what should you expect? Your guest experience starts with a warm welcome from the Group Leader, who will be on-hand for support and questions throughout the meeting, which will last approximately two hours in total.

The Meeting

Come prepared to meet businesses with diverse backgrounds, with a keen interest in what you do and what your business specialises in. You’ll be surprised how many visitors forget to bring business cards. Bring plenty with you, members will be keen to stay connected with you and develop those all-important conversations.

After a relaxed introduction during refreshments, members and guests are invited to take their seats for the meeting. The Group Leaders will run through the schedule for the meeting and invite this week’s Education Slot Speaker to give some top tips for becoming even better business people.

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60 seconds

Next comes the 60 seconds round which is where you get a chance to introduce yourself - who you are and what your business does in a brief presentation. If you’re not use to standing up at networking meetings you could have a practice before the meeting to put your mind at rest. After the 60 seconds round, the meeting breaks for the ‘Engine Room’. It's not just a coffee break, it's a networking break where members and visitors get the chance to arrange 1 to 1 meetings and get to know each other’s businesses better.

Every meeting, a Sterling member has the opportunity to deliver a 10-minute presentation. Once you become a member this is in rotation around the group. As a visitor you can sit back and enjoy learning about another business. Then it’s time for the ‘Activity Round’ where members share who they’ve had 1 to 1 meetings with since the last meeting, plus good news stories about working together, business won and testimonials. The Group Leader then closes the meeting with any announcements.

For more information about visiting a networking meeting at any of the Sterling groups, call Head Office on 01905 947 150 or alternatively email