Bath Breakfast - Business Networking Meeting

Business networking in Bath has taken on a whole new lease of life with Sterling Networks. Bath Breakfast Group, is a networking group of professionals who work together to grow their businesses. As the largest City in Somerset, Bath has a plethora of dynamic businesses, all looking to start conversations as part of their referral marketing strategy. With an established network of connections to local businesses, Sterling Networks in Bath bring a hive of activity to each meeting.

Group Leader

Oliver Stavrakakis

It’s my pleasure to welcome you to Sterling Networks Bath Breakfast as the Group Leader. There are so many positive things to tell you about our group… where do I start! Of course what makes a great networking group are the members themselves and Bath Breakfast is no different. Because Bath has such as diverse heritage, members come from a variety of industries and backgrounds which really helps facilitate interesting conversations. We meet every two weeks with a structured agenda but we have a relaxed atmosphere so everyone feels engaged and at ease. As an experienced networker, I understand how networking might not come naturally to everyone, but Sterling Networks has the balance spot on to ensure a positive energy that delivers results.
There is a one seat policy at Bath Breakfast which effectively supports the natural flow of referrals. I hold the seat as the Financial Planner for the group, at McKenzie & Co. Financial Consultants and bring with me a wealth of knowledge of businesses in the Bath area. Where I think Sterling really comes into its own is developing long lasting business relationships through 1 to 1’s outside the structured meeting. Working together as a team of businesses brings a ‘win-win’ culture to Bath Breakfast. Not only has Sterling Networks helped support my business, I have also made valued friendships along the way.
If you would like to see for yourself the powerful benefits of referral marketing with Bath Breakfast Group, why not come along as a visitor… I look forward to meeting you!

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Bath Breakfast meeting is held every other Tuesday morning 7.30am to 9.00am at Metro Bank. Virtual/Zoom for now.  When face to face: 18-19 Stall St, Bath, BA1 1QB.


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