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10 ways Sterling networking extends your business

It’s all about ‘opportunity.’

Join Sterling and get involved in our networking meetings and other business events and you’ll open the door to limitless opportunity.

Here are ten ways that becoming a member of a Sterling networking group takes your business forward.


1. Work with people you know, like and trust

There is nothing more effective in business than building personal and long-term relationships. If you join and attend consistently one of our fortnightly networking events that is exactly what you’ll do.


2. Meet thousands of business leaders

Across nine Sterling networking meetings (as well as training workshops and business exhibitions throughout the year), you’ll have the potential to get to know and work with literally, thousands of business leaders.


3. 100’s of potential referrals

In a networking group it’s not just about the people in the room; it’s about the people they know and can introduce you to. We all have hundreds of connections that we can tap into to help our networking colleagues.


4. Monopoly for your business

When you join one or more Sterling networking group you buy a ‘seat’ for your specialism. Therefore, if you’re a solicitor or a business coach, you’ll be the only solicitor or business coach in the room.


5. Relationships with the most important people

Most often it is the business owner or MD that attends a meeting. Each time you’ll be talking therefore, to the decision maker.


6. A wide geographic spread

We run business events along the M5 corridor from Swindon in Wiltshire to Stourbridge near Birmingham. Most importantly, if you are a member of one networking meeting and your ‘seat’ is not taken in another, you can visit it any time (just check with the group leader before booking yourself in online ).


7. Access to service providers

We all need a range of business support services. With an average of 25 organisations represented at each meeting, you’ll find all the services you need.


8. At a time to suit you

We run both breakfast and lunchtime events, so you can attend at a time that works best for you.


9. A social opportunity

Many of our members tell us that they also highly value the social element of networking. It is a great way to not only receive business support but also make friends.


10. It’s cost effective marketing

A high majority of our networkers stay in their group year after year. They simply would not do this if the income this activity generates, did not significantly exceed the cost of membership.


Find out more and get involved

To see if you qualify for a place at a Sterling networking group, it’s easy to get started here

...or if you prefer call us today on 01905 947150.


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