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Sterling Networking meeting is like going to the best ever Christmas party

Why attending a Sterling Networking meeting is like going to the best ever Christmas party

Our fortnightly Sterling Networking meetings bring together a great mix of professional business leaders.

Members take part because they want their businesses to succeed but also because they are genuinely interested in helping other people.

And while the focus is on exchanging leads and business referrals, these are friendly events too.

Here therefore, is why we believe that attending a Sterling Networking group is rather like going to the best ever Christmas party.


A very warm welcome

Everyone will be pleased to welcome you to the meeting and be interested in finding out all about you.


Great people and engaging conversations

You’ll be in a room full of intelligent, articulate and professional people.


People you know, like and trust

You may also find yourself catching up with old friends that you’ve not seen for a while.


A stylish environment

Sterling meetings take place in premium venues such as a first-class business hotel or a smart corporate sports facility.


A chance to dress to impress

Like us you’ll probably want to dress so that you feel good about yourself and give the very best first impression.


Fantastic food and drink

From a hearty (or healthy!) English breakfast to a taste-tempting buffet lunch, great quality food is included as standard.


The feel-good factor

You’ll come away feeling cheered, positive and ready for the rest of your week.


Like to join us?

Great. Here’s how to book your place! Click here


And unlike Christmas parties, our networking meetings take place all year round!

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