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Five reasons why blogs are easy and essential

Five reasons why blogs are easy and essential

If you’ve involved in the marketing of your business, you’ll know that regularly posting blogs on your website is an essential part of your promotional mix.

Here are five reasons why blogs are not only a ‘must have’, they’re also very easy to create.


1. All you need to do, is write about you 

Whatever your expertise or specialism is, you’ll know a great deal more about it than your prospects and customers.

All you need to do therefore is share some useful and informative knowledge.

And if you keep your blogs brief (say 300 to 500 words), people will be much more likely to read them and respond.


2. They feed your social media and other marketing
Have you ever sat down to write your social media or e-shots but been unsure what to say?

Once you have your blogs on your website they’re primed to feed your social media and other marketing platforms.


3. They help your customers understand how you help them
When we buy a product or a service we want to know that it will make something better for us.

Blogs are a great way to show your customers how you do this.


4. They’re value for money
Considering how much marketing benefit you can get from a single blog, they’re a great investment in terms of time or money spent.


5. They can easily be outsourced if you’re busy
A good freelance copywriter will know how to ask the right questions so that they can understand your business aim and the needs of your customers.

They will then be able to write blogs for you that make memorable connections.


We can help
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