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Why networking is essential for the bigger corporate names

Across nine regional business events, Sterling Networks connects over 200 business leaders.

From a new start up, to a well-established SME, to a known national brand; all types of businesses get involved.

Why these events are great for the bigger corporates

They are an ideal business development platform for individuals within large corporate organisations.


Here’s why…


1. They bring you valued relationships

Business networking enables you to forge professional links on a trusted, first-name basis.

Achieving this can be a challenge for larger organisations, especially where the brand may be seen as bigger than the actual people involved.

Ongoing 121 relationships bring you not just business - but repeat business.


2. They create local connections

National organisations benefit when they create a local identity.

Networking enables professionals in large organisations to find out what’s happening in their local business and social communities and also work with local suppliers.


3. They help you understand your customers’ problems

Customers and potential customers are much more likely to share a business problem with you during a 121 meeting (perhaps over a coffee) than say, online or via email.

This 121 working then makes it easy for you to bring them solutions.


4. They make your LinkedIn connections real

Most business professionals have multiple LinkedIn connections.

However, if your connections are not used and nurtured, they can become little more than names on a list.

Networking enables you to really get to know the person in the photo.


5. They give you the best mix, all in one room

A recent Sterling business event brought together almost 100 people in one room.

They included everyone from a senior manager representing a global software company, right through to someone just starting their first business.

There are very few places where you can meet such a wide range of professional people, all in one go.


Come and get involved

Sterling Networking events take place within the West Midlands and the South West and they are either breakfast meetings or lunchtime meetings.

Click here to discover Sterling Networking Groups and locations or call Sterling HQ on 01905 947150.

We’d love to welcome you along.

We also facilitate Sterling Boardroom business development forums and programme business exhibitions.


Neil Davis, Managing Director

Sterling Network Groups

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OK, let’s go back to basics.

Perhaps you already attend networking events or perhaps you’re a newbie and you’d like to know what they’re all about.

Here at Sterling Networks we have been running professional business networking events for around four years and each fortnight, across nine events (a mixture of breakfast and lunchtime meetings), we bring together over 180 businesses.

What is a business networking event?

Quite simply, a networking event is a one to three hour meeting where businesses meet, get to know each other and work together.

They may be breakfast meetings (Sterling breakfast events for example, kick off at 6.45am and last until 8.30am), lunchtime meetings or evening meetings.

Usually over breakfast or lunch there will be a formal opportunity for each attendee to stand up and talk for one minute about their business and the type of help or referrals they’re looking for.

Attendees will often talk about the businesses they’re best placed to help and therefore, the ones they would most like to be introduced to.

Usually, there will also be space for them to have face to face conversations and swop business cards.

In addition, networking groups often will invite one of their members to stand up for ten minutes and share some useful business information and advice.


Essential follow ups

One of the most important parts of successful business networking is however, what guests do after each meeting, in terms of building working relationships.

At Sterling networking groups for example, we always encourage people to find time in their diaries and book in follow up, one to one meetings.


What do people get out of being a networking group member?

More support and more business!

It is as simple as that.

Networking is all about building trusted relationships so that people can help you move your business forward - and you can help them.

A vibrant and well attended meeting will have lots of collaboration and work shared between those attending including guests taking each other’s business cards (or email details) to pass onto their connections.


Like to know more?

The best way to get started is to book a place and attend a local networking event.

At Sterling Networking you will be guaranteed a friendly and professional welcome and you’ll meet lots of people who will be interested in finding out all about you and your business.

Click here to discover Sterling Networking Groups and locations or call Tracey at Sterling HQ on 01905 947150.


Tracey Davis

Sterling Network Groups