Exeter Virtual Breakfast - Business Networking Meeting

Our Exeter Virtual Breakfast Networking Group meets every other week and is focused on building genuine long lasting business relationships. By expanding your contact base in Exeter, you can increase sales through referral marketing and ultimately grow your business. With members from a wide variety of backgrounds and a one seat policy, we ensure every meeting is full of energy and very productive.

Group Leader

Callum Pye

Sterling encourages all of their members to get to know each other to build solid working relationships.  People are far more likely to refer business to people they know well, like and trust. It’s like having multiple mini sales teams looking out for opportunities for you. This is why Networking with Sterling works’.


The Sterling HQ team that supports me is dedicated to building a business network where members build their own businesses in a warm and friendly environment. They work hard to ensure that their friendly approach to business is demonstrated everywhere you see the Sterling name.

Start a conversation, collaborate and join the Sterling business community!


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The Exeter Virtual Breakfast Group meet via Zoom, every other Wednesday morning, 7.00am-8.30am.

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