Exeter Virtual Breakfast - Business Networking Meeting

The vibrant business community is brought together at Exeter Virtual Breakfast as a business networking meeting that delivers at all levels. Exeter is well-known as the business hub in Devon with inspiring leaders looking to work together in synergy.

The first step in networking is to start a conversation and Exeter Virtual Breakfast is the perfect place to springboard your business. Having a virtual structured meeting fortnightly, allows you the flexibility to grow and develop your network at your pace. The return on investment is clear to see and that is why our membership renewals are the highest in the industry!

Group Leader

Callum Pye

Thank you for taking the time to find out more about our Exeter Virtual Breakfast business networking group. It’s my pleasure to introduce you to our members and as the Group Leader I facilitate the structured fortnightly meetings, helping to expand your business connections in the Exeter area.

All Sterling Networks groups have a one seat policy with a good mix of businesses in the ‘zoom room’, which allows conversations to flow in a natural and genuine way. I hold the seat for the financial planning and wealth management working for Prosser Knowles Associates Ltd and I can highly recommend Exeter Virtual Breakfast as a way to increase connections and in turn increase sales.

We have a great balance at our meeting with a friendly yet professional atmosphere which helps start the conversations. But where we get to find out more about each others business on a deeper level is in our 1 to 1’s outside the meetings. It’s always fascinating how members have become to be in their businesses and who they know. From this genuine want to find out about our businesses, long lasting business relationships flourish between our members.

Would you like to see for yourself the fresh new way of networking at Exeter Virtual Breakfast? Please contact me to arrange a visit, I would be delighted to give you a warm welcome.


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The Exeter Virtual Breakfast Group meet via Zoom, every other Wednesday morning, 6.45am-8.30am.

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