Here are some of the most frequently asked questions by our new members. Should you have any further questions or need more information please get in touch with Sterling HQ.

In order to ensure that Sterling is a good fit for you, we will speak with you after your first visit for your thoughts and feedback and if you want to secure your seat. Following that discussion you can make your decision to join or if you would like to return for a second visit to ensure that Sterling is right for you and we will discuss all options with you during our call. You can visit more than one group following your first visit - all we ask is you call Sterling HQ to check that there is no clash of industry category.

Single seat category means that we only allow one person from each industry sector in each group. In some groups, professionals from similar industries collaborate and gain mutual benefit.

A guest visit to Sterling  is just £19.99+vat for physical meetings and £9.99+vat for a virtual meeting.

Annual membership is £399.00+vat and £299.00+vat for virtual groups.  There is then a monthly meeting fee payable paid by Direct Debit collected by GoCardless.

There may be other Sterling groups in your area that have your industry category available and do speak to the group leader or Sterling HQ. Often businesses can collaborate even when they may, on first sight, seem to be in the same industry.

Yes. Many of our members join more than one group. Sometimes a breakfast and lunchtime group in the same area.

Yes. Each application is carefully considered by Sterling HQ and our local group leader. We like to make sure there are no competitive clashes and that every member is going fit well with the group.

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