Business Networking, is it right for you?

Can networking generate a good return on investment for your business?

Most businesses will benefit from at least one aspect of networking, whether it’s generating new sales, finding new suppliers or developing your business knowledge. It is true that some businesses are easier to refer to than others, but the Sterling Networks team can provide you with a realistic insight into which professionals do particularly well at networking meetings.

The effort you put in, is what you get out…

Regular networking needs commitment to achieve the maximum return on investment. Attending regular meetings shows other members that you’re dependable and a reliable person to refer to. Dedicating time to 1 to 1’s is a brilliant way to show other business people you’re interested in what they do, and you genuinely want to find out more. The most successful networkers have 1 to 1 meetings every week and actively support other members. If a member gets to know you, likes you and trusts you, they will in turn more likely refer you to their contacts as well. This is a two-way street…  if I refer to you, you are more likely to refer to me.

Making those 1 to 1’s are the only activity that Sterling ask you to do.

Referral marketing through networking is a long-term strategy!

Making the connection and starting the conversation is the first step in building a successful long lasting business relationship. A business relationship takes time to develop, as is the case with any sales and marketing strategy and there is no quick route to building trust. But with consistent, reliable contact and commitment to delivering services, a valued partnership will flourish.

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Educate members about what you do so they can refer you.

It sounds obvious but be clear in your 60 seconds about what you do and how you can help other businesses. Other members will be able to refer to you easier if they understand how you can add value to their business and more importantly their contacts.

If you would like further information about how networking can provide you with a profitable revenue stream, please contact Sterling Networks Head Office on 01905 947 150 or alternatively email

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