Hi Tracey
A couple of weeks ago we joined onto the Cheltenham Regency Breakfast meeting and have been so impressed that today we also took a seat at Cheltenham Central Breakfast. I just wanted to message to let you know how impressed I have been with the team, in particular Rosemary and Rob, and how welcoming Gary and Liam have been - so a bit of a shout out to all the above! We are really looking forward to becoming part of the Sterling team! Hope to catch up soon!



Ruth Greenslade"



Hi Neil

I just wanted to write to you personally to thank you and your team for the kind donation to The Warriors Community Foundation of £750.00.

The Foundation, now in its 11th year was created to develop and deliver adapted forms of rugby and other sports for those with mixed ability and complex individual needs. We engage with all sectors of our community but specifically with people who are isolated, marginalised, and vulnerable.

We seek funding and the generous support of local business partners to ensure that our work is delivered free of charge to those who need it and we work within the values and ethos of sport to include everyone who is struggling with their physical and mental wellbeing. This year we are committed to working with 10,000 people through our various initiatives.

If you or any of your staff would like to come and see first-hand what we do, please do not hesitate to contact me.  We would welcome you to Sixways Stadium to see some of our sessions and the impact they have on our participants.

Once again, many thanks for your support and please rest assured that your donation will go straight into one of our many initiatives to improve the lives of people in our community.  

With very best wishes,

Kind regards


Carol Hart
Head of Warriors Community Foundation, Worcester Warriors"


I have joined Sterling last year right before the pandemic and I have visited exactly 1 physical meeting - my very first one! By the time I have decided to join Lockdown.1 has started.

It wasn't even the group I finally joined, but I have booked a few 121s as a guest visitor. 
What a great surprise - I had a call coming from the referral of one of these meetings and I gained a client from this introduction. It started as a one-off project but once it has been finished it became a monthly regular work. 
I also had a chance to attend other group meetings as a guest (over Zoom there is no travelling factored in!) and I had another client introduction from the accountant in the group. This client became one of my favourite ones! 

My biggest gain from my membership is the connections. I can really see the value in the 121s, and it makes a huge difference in referrals, because we get to know each other on a personal level and this allows us to make better connections. I have never felt the pressure and it always feels natural to do the introductions.
Members are also very supportive towards each other and really make an effort.. A very lovely bunch of people - in my group I have to say! I have learnt a lot from them.

Beatrix Szasz
BSB Accounting"


Being a Sterling member isn’t just about the business it brings, or the income, but the wraparound benefits. For us as a Charity, we owe it to our donors and beneficiaries to spend our time and funds wisely to get the best return on investment. I love being part of the Sterling Oxford group and the support they’ve offered – not just from the members jumping on board to take part in a virtual challenge for Ronald McDonald House Charities and raising £500, but also the pro bono support members have offered including executive coaching and donating gifts in kind from our wishlist. On a personal level, a couple of members have offered me advice with personal matters and it’s great to feel a part of that team, definitely worth getting up early for every couple of weeks!
More than that, it’s the opportunities offered from visiting other Sterling groups which led to a huge donation of equipment from someone wrapping up their catering business, to a connection through a member of the Oxford group which led to a £2,000 donation…
Finally, the Sterling management and marketing team is like having a cheerleader in your corner, amplifying your messaging and what you have to offer. As a Charity in these tough times, sharing our message, events and appeals really help to ensure we can raise the funds to fulfil our mission of keeping families close to their sick child in hospital.

Caroline Sinclair
Ronald McDonald House Charities UK"


'We recently joined Sterling and have already taken on a new client through a referral from a member of our Worcester Rapids Group. This happened within a matter of weeks. We like Sterling's 'one seat' per business sector policy as it gives you a little bit more room to build your brand. We also recently exhibited at the Sterling Virtual Expo 2021 and were busy all day with prospective clients. It's been a great experience so far as we at M-Studios would highly recommended investigating a membership place, even if you're in a big firm! They are growing as a network and are doing it very well!

Rory McAllister
M Studios"


Joining Sterling Networks was one of the best decisions we made; we love their approach to networking - complete focus on building relationships and we've built lots of fantastic relationships as well as gaining lots of new clients. Neil and Tracey and their team really support their members and get to know their businesses so that they can make really good introductions. I can't recommend Sterling highly enough.

Samantha Sinclair-Day
Sinclair-Day Accountants"


Fantastic company that treats its members as individuals and not just a number like many other networking organisations. Everything that they do is focused towards the members that they care so much about. Sterling ensure that you are in a supportive environment that will help your business flourish through referrals. I would recommend Sterling to everyone who wants to develop their network and in turn, generate good quality business referrals. If you are unsure as to if you should join, why not visit and find out what it is like for yourself - I tried it once and am now potentially one of the longest standing members.

Edward Dalley
Financial Advice Centre"


Sterling has been an integral part of my business since it's incorporation to date. A high percentage of my clients have come either in the form of fellow Sterling members or a referral passed to me by one of them. If you are looking to grow and gain a business support network look no further than Sterling!

Tom Payne
Abaqus Ltd"

Matt Crump
Cloud Top Technology