Professional fortnightly networking meetings

Sterling Networks believe that honest, creditable business networking will give you quality referrals, on which a successful business can grow. As the fastest growing networking group in the UK, Sterling Networks has taken traditional networking and given it a new lease of life.

A fortnightly networking meeting gives businesses the flexibility they need to meet the demands of running the day to day business, but also provides a focused time to commit to marketing and sales activity. Building connections and making introductions is the fundamental ethos throughout Sterling Networks. Creating a platform for which businesses can form new relationships is our key goal.

A structured meeting that facilitates communication

Sterling Networks has the perfect balance between structured meetings and informal networking. The meeting structure at each Sterling Networking Group is the same at all 18 groups and is based on years of experience from the team. With a proven meeting structure and professional culture, our Group Leaders ensure that members and visitors get the most out of every meeting. Whether you are attending a networking meeting for the first time or as an experienced business developer, you will receive a warm welcome and the support you need to help you to succeed.


Meeting begins with a tea, coffee, water or juice and 15 minutes’ informal networking.



Traditional cooked lunch, or depending on location, a vegetarian option and buffet 


60-second round. This is an opportunity for each member and guest to introduce themselves and their business, defining the kinds of referrals and any particular introductions they currently seek. 


Engine Room break

This is the crucial part of our meetings and a great opportunity to connect and arrange your 'one to one' appointments with businesses you would like to know more about. At the same time a chance to refill your drinks. 


Member presentation

A great platform, where members describe their business more fully. Provides an opportunity for the group to understand the nature and direction of your business. Brilliant for new projects and new ideas. Invaluable! 


The ‘activity round’ comes next. Members and guests are invited to summarise referrals made and received, give thanks to other members and guests, describe any ‘one-to-one’ meetings held outside the breakfast meeting and share any latest news.  


Meeting closes, but you’re welcome to stay on for extra networking and discussions.

Find your nearest group

We have many groups throughout the country which run as Breakfast or Lunch Groups and are held Virtually or Face to Face at quality venues.  Each group has up to 25 members of business professionals.

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