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Cirencester Breakfast


Cirencester Golf Club, Cheltenham Road, Cirencester, GL7 7BH


Every other Wednesday at 7.00am - 8.45am

How much?

£329 annual fee then £15.60 per meeting

MEET GROUP LEADER: russell jones-walker

Sterling Networks are so pleased to be able to bring a networking group to the Cirencester... 

Hello, I’m Russ and have been a member of Sterling Networks now for a number of years, I previously held the Insurance seat in a few of the Cheltenham networking groups on behalf of a Cirencester based brokerage and have built up an extensive local network across the Cotswolds. When the opportunity arose to launch a Cirencester Breakfast for Sterling Networks I jumped at the opportunity and am extremely excited to be involved.

 My day to day job has changed recently because after suffering back pain for many years and bringing myself through the other side with Pilates, I am now a Pilates Instructor and my business is called Pilates Guy.

 I look to help people with improving sports performance, easing back pain with exercise and lifestyle advice or just to keep well and reduce the likelihood of injuries. I also offer “desktop Wellness” consulting to all businesses throughout Gloucestershire, providing postural assessments, corrective exercise and advice to avoid the ill effects of sitting for long periods, including standing desks.

The Sterling HQ team is dedicated to help Russell to building business networks where members build their businesses. We believe that people want do business with people they trust and we work to ensure that our friendly approach to business is demonstrated everywhere you see the Sterling name.

Russell and the Sterling team would love you to come along to a Taster on a Wednesday morning and meet the Members in the room!

Start a conversation, collaborate and join the Sterling business community!


The Sterling format provides a structured agenda that is facilitated by a group leader who ensures every member gets great value from the meeting. The Cirencester agenda includes a breakfast with coffee or tea, an opportunity to introduce your business, an open networking break and a member showcase. 


Meeting begins with a tea, coffee, water or juice and 15 minutes’ informal networking.


 Breakfast: Traditional cooked breakfast, or depending on location a vegetarian option plus pastries or fruit. 


60-second round. This is an opportunity for each member and guest to introduce themselves and their business, defining the kinds of referrals and any particular introductions they currently seek. 


Engine Room break. This is the crucial part of our meetings providing a great opportunity to connect and arrange 'one to one' appointments with businesses you would like to know more about. At the same time a chance to refill your drinks. 


Member presentation:  This is a great platform where members describe their business more fully. Provides an opportunity for the group to understand the nature and direction of your business. Brilliant for new projects and new ideas. Invaluable! 


The ‘activity round’ comes next. This is when members and guests are invited to summarise referrals made and received, give thanks to other members and guests, describe any ‘one-to-one’ meetings held outside the breakfast meeting and share any latest news.  


Meeting closes, but you’re welcome to stay on for extra networking and discussions..

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We encourage visitors to attend at a couple of 'taster' networking breakfasts, meet our members and check to ensure that the group is right for them. Book a taster visit and find out why Sterling is the fastest growing networking group in the UK!

Looking to join? Come along for a taster.

If you’d like to join, we always recommend coming along to a couple of meetings to ensure you enjoy the group. All that’s required is £15.60 for each meeting you attend.

Attend a taster meeting

Already a Sterling member? Pay for your breakfast here.

If you’re already a Sterling member who’d like to visit this group, you can pay the £15.60 for your breakfast/lunch online.