Newbury Breakfast - Business Network Meeting


Group Leader


Our Sterling Groups would not be as powerful and efficient as they are without our amazing Group Leaders.

Each group leader is carefully chosen to ensure they bring the essence of Sterling to our meetings. 

Group Leaders are members of Sterling and are there to run the meeting to our agenda and ensure that our members are supported and create value from being a Sterling members.

The engine room of our meeting is the most important part of our agenda and our Group Leaders ensure that members are connecting and have everything they need to ensure that they are able to start a conversations together to deepen and enhance the relationships with all members in the room.

Group Leaders are supported by the team at Sterling HQ to invite visitors to the room and we aim to run amazing and efficient meetings for everyone in the room.


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The Newbury Breakfast meets every other Tuesday at Metro Bank. Virtual/Zoom for now.  When face to face: 64 - 65 Northbrook St, Newbury RG14 1AE


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