Newbury Breakfast - Business Network Meeting

The Newbury Breakfast Group is a business networking meeting full of proactive business professionals with established connections in the local area. The most successful referral marketing groups have a mix of professions from a wide range of industries that helps facilitate passing business between each member. Our Newbury Breakfast Group is a perfect example of collaboration in business where working in synergy, each member thrives through growing their connections to increase sales.

Friendly, energetic and full of enthusiasm for making connections, the Newbury Breakfast Group welcomes new members from start-up businesses, established family businesses and multinational organisations. Our group leaders are always carefully selected to bring in depth knowledge of the local business community. Gary Hooper who is an experienced networker in Newbury brings an established network of connections to the networking group, leading members through each meeting and helping to form a close knit community.


Group Leader

Gary Hooper

A warm welcome to Sterling Networks Newbury Breakfast Group. Having been a keen networker for many years, I understand that not every networking group is the same and it’s the unique blend of members that really do shape the success of the group. There is always a sense of ‘teamwork’ and a genuine want to help each other at each meeting and that’s why I was delighted to lead the group.


I hold the mortgage advisors’ seat in the group working at The Mortgage Company with over 30 years’ experience in the finance industry. We have a great mix of businesses in the room and conversations flow with ease during our fortnightly meetings, but it’s our 1 to 1’s outside the structured meeting when we really get a good understanding on each other’s business. An impressive number of referrals pass between members and this is because of the trusted business relationships we have developed.


Whether you are experienced at networking or completely new to referral marketing, I would be thrilled to welcome you as a visitor to our next meeting… see you then!


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Newbury Breakfast Group meet fortnightly via Zoom (for now) and will meet face to face @ Metro Bank, 64 - 65 Northbrook St, Newbury RG14 1AE.


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Meeting begins with a tea, coffee, water or juice and 15 minutes informal networking.



Traditional cooked breakfast, or depending on location a vegetarian option plus pastries or fruit.


60-second round

This is an opportunity for each member and guest to introduce themselves and their business, defining the kinds of referrals and any particular introductions they currently seek. 


Engine Room break

This is the crucial part of our meetings providing a great opportunity to connect and arrange 'one to one' appointments with businesses you would like to know more about. At the same time a chance to refill your drinks. 


Member presentation

This is a great platform where members describe their business more fully. Provides an opportunity for the group to understand the nature and direction of your business. Brilliant for new projects and new ideas. Invaluable! 


The ‘activity round’ comes next. This is when members and guests are invited to summarise referrals made and received, give thanks to other members and guests, describe any ‘one-to-one’ meetings held outside the breakfast meeting and share any latest news.  


Meeting closes, but you’re welcome to stay on for extra networking and discussions.