Oxford Lunch - Business Network Meeting

Our highly successful Oxford Lunch networking group is full of members dedicated to working together, building relationships and passing referrals. Oxford Lunch meets every fortnight with a structured yet relaxed meeting full of positive energy. With a one seat policy we understand that providing businesses with the optimum platform to make connections and a supportive culture, is of the utmost importance.

Group Leader

Sam Francis

Sterling encourages all of their members to get to know each other to build solid working relationships.  People are far more likely to refer business to people they know well, like and trust. It’s like having multiple mini sales teams looking out for opportunities for you.  This is why Networking with Sterling works’. 

The Sterling HQ team that supports me is dedicated to building a business network where members build their own businesses in a warm and friendly environment. They work hard to ensure that their friendly approach to business is demonstrated everywhere you see the Sterling name. 

Start a conversation, collaborate and join the Sterling business community!


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Oxford Lunch is held every other Tuesday at The Cotswold Lodge Hotel, 66A Banbury Rd, Park Town, Oxford OX2 6JP.

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Meeting begins with a tea, coffee, water or juice and 15 minutes’ informal networking.



Traditional cooked lunch, or depending on location, a vegetarian option and buffet 


60-second round. This is an opportunity for each member and guest to introduce themselves and their business, defining the kinds of referrals and any particular introductions they currently seek. 


Engine Room break

This is the crucial part of our meetings and a great opportunity to connect and arrange your 'one to one' appointments with businesses you would like to know more about. At the same time a chance to refill your drinks. 


Member presentation

A great platform, where members describe their business more fully. Privides an opportunity for the group to understand the nature and direction of your business. Brilliant for new projects and new ideas. Invaluable! 


The ‘activity round’ comes next. Members and guests are invited to summarise referrals made and received, give thanks to other members and guests, describe any ‘one-to-one’ meetings held outside the breakfast meeting and share any latest news.  


Meeting closes, but you’re welcome to stay on for extra networking and discussions.


How many times can I visit?

We encourage you to attend at least twice to make sure that Sterling is right for you. You can visit more than one group following your first visit - all we ask is you call Sterling HQ to check that there is no clash of industry category.

What does single seat category mean?

Single seat category means that we only allow one person from each industry sector in each group. In some groups, professionals from similar industries collaborate and gain mutual benefit. 

How much does it cost?

Your initial visit is just £15.60. Annual membership is £359.00 ex VAT and then it's £15.60 per meeting, paid by DD, to cover breakfast or lunch. 

What if my category is already taken?

There may be other Sterling groups in your area that have your industry category available and do speak to the group leader or Sterling HQ. Often businesses can collaborate even when they may, on first sight, seem to be in the same industry. 

Can I join more than one group?

Yes. Many of our members join more than one group. Sometimes a breakfast and lunchtime group in the same area.

Is there an application process?

Yes. Each application is carefully considered by Sterling HQ and our local group leader. We like to make sure there are no competitive clashes and that every member is going fit well with the group.