Sell Through Your Network, Not To It

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Sell Through Your Network, Not To It

Your network might not become your clients, but the people they know might. At Sterling we encourage members to think about selling 'through’ their network, rather than ‘to’ it.


One of the secrets to successful networking is recognising that you’re not just talking to one person or indeed one room, but by extension, to everyone they know as well.

One of the most effective ways to utilise your group’s other connections is when your fellow members can clearly articulate your target market, your offer and your differentiators.

It makes it much easier for a member to make a referral, and ultimately you to make another connection.

Maximise your 60 seconds

One of Sterling’s strengths is that each member and guest is offered 60 seconds at every meeting to talk openly about their business, what they are looking for and what a quality referral would be. Realise the power of your network where your fellow members help each other to achieve personal and professional goals.

Selling through your network

Pick your next tier of connections
Find out what matters most to them
Establish an easy way for a member to engage on your behalf
Demonstrate how you have ‘helped’ a similar business
Give before you take

Now more than ever, Sterling Networks can offer our members the platform they need to connect and grow their business!

We continue to grow organically through our strong member groups in Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire, South West, Warwickshire Wiltshire and Worcestershire and would really like to see you in a group to suit you.


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