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Sterling Chair

Expert facilitator, mentor and coach

Leading a Sterling boardroom

Sterling Chairs have a genuine desire to help others to succeed. They are expert facilitators, mentors and coaches. As experienced SME business owners, directors or senior mangers themsleves they know what it takes to build a team and grow a successful business. 

Sterling Chairs are leaders

Faciliating a boardroom of 8-10 diverse and experienced indivdiuals, each with their own business (and sometimes personal) challenges, brings with it the responsibility of ensuring every member recieves the help they need. Sterling Chairs ar leaders with high EQ.

As a Sterling Chair you help business leaders to clarify their issues and, by employing the combined experience and inspiration in the boardroom, find solutions and practical strategies that will result in business success. 

Contact Sterling HQ to find out more about becoming a Sterling Chair.

If you are a professional firm or organistion wishing to add real value to your client relationships, a Sterling Boardroom can offes a great opportunity to differentiate in your industry. 


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