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An executive forum for ambitious business owners

The Sterling Boardroom provides a professionally facilitated practical and inspiring forum for up to ten SME business leaders, business owners and senior managers to discuss their opportunities, their challenges and solve a mix of strategic, operational and sometimes personal issues. Sterling Boardroom members receive: 

  • A monthly confidential meeting with 8-10 other business leaders and an experienced Sterling facilitator - refreshments included
  • Access to a range of different perspectivesfrom a range of business leaders
  • A sounding board and a forum in which to be held to account
  • Regular expert speaker masterclass
  • Access to a Sterling community of over 500 business leaders
  • Access to expert business coaches and mentors

How does it work?

Boardroom meetings start at 09.00am with coffee and a quick round of updates from members. At meetings where we have a speaker they are subject matter experts, often authors who run a 2-3 hour workshops on a topic requested by members. After lunch we run the executive forum where each member brings an opportunity or challenge they would like help with. Members question and help generate ideas that can be implemented - and then hold each other to account for actions taken.


What are the benefits?

Joining one of our confidential executive SME groups will

  • Help you and your business achieve more
  • Provide access to your own team of expert business advisors
  • Help you to make better decisions
  • Accelerate your personal and business growth



What do our members say?

“It's like having my own board of expert non executive directors. Amazing peer support, expert facilitation and coaching when it's needed ”

"The Sterling Boardroom is an executive forum where members can talk about any opportunities or challenges, business or personal, in a totally confidential environment. Expertly facilitated by an experienced board level 'chair'. The speakers are subject matter experts who bring new ideas and I can talk about issues I can't raise with colleagues in my business"





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