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  • About Practical Business Development Programme

About Practical Business Development Programme


Delivered by The Family Business Practice and Sterling Networks

Would you like to learn new business strategies to fill your family’s fridge, feel more in control of your business so you sleep easier at night, and build profitable relationships with likeminded people who can help you achieve more success?

If so, this new business programme will be perfect for you.



Peter Roper of the Family Business Practice and Neil and Tracey Davis of Sterling Networks have always wanted to promote a tried, tested and proven programme that would help individuals to develop their business in a time friendly and affordable basis.

So, having asked both sets of members what they were looking for and checked with them to make sure we were on the right lines here we have this brand-new Practical Business Development Programme.


So: What is the Practical Business Development Programme?

Well, it combines a structured business development training with guest presentations and informative sessions, to help business owners create a healthier and more profitable business at a very affordable price.

Through monthly meetings, you’ll join a group of, like-minded business owners who are ready to learn new strategies and gain new insights.

Practical, collaborative, and focused, the programme is a unique opportunity to leverage the experience and knowledge of your peers to help your business grow.

How does it work?

The programme is the perfect complement to your business.

Your group will meet 10 times over a 12-month period

Meeting times: We’ll meet from 9.00am until 1:30 pm. All sessions are scheduled for the

morning making it easy for you to fit the programme into your busy diaries.

Venue: Sixways Stadium

Food: Refreshments and a light lunch will be provided


How to join?


The effectiveness of the group will be determined by the personalities around the table and so we are conscious that we choose the right people (it’s why attendance is by invitation only). So, if you’re at all interested, let’s have a no-strings chat in the first instance about your business goals and see if the programme is right for you.

So to find out if the programme is right for you, simply call Peter on 01299 382128 or 07775 526387, or Neil and Tracey on 01905 947150.

We look forward to talking through this exciting opportunity.




What do our members say?

“its great for new knowledge and ideas that have stimulated new projects to help my business grow ”

"running a business can be lonely. As a member of the programme I have realy enjoyed the support and encouragement from my fellow members"





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