Sterling Virtual

Regardless of whether you are in a virtual meeting, you can still expect to receive a warm welcome from Sterling.

Build your business whilst creating meaningful, long-term relationships with other business professionals through Sterling Virtual. Irrespective of whether you are meeting in person or virtually, we still highly value the importance of maintaining face-to-face contact. Our experience of running virtual networking meetings over the past 12 months, has proved that strong business relationships can still be built through a virtual platform.

Virtual networking has become a viable and exciting opportunity for making connections with other businesses. For some, this is a style of networking that will suit them in the long-term, which is why we have introduced Sterling Virtual as a regular addition to our offering.

How a virtual meeting works

Our virtual meetings run in a very similar way to the original ‘in person’ network meetings that you might be familiar with, just without the travel involved.

  • Time to network before the meeting formally begins
  • Short educational slot designed to give you information, knowledge and motivation
  • The opportunity to introduce your business with a 60 second pitch
  • Our unique Engine Room with time to get better acquainted or book your 1-2-1 meetings
  • 10-minute presentation from one of our regular members
  • Friendly and professional group
  • One seat policy remains

Tips to get the most out of your virtual meeting

Helping you to get the most from your virtual meeting is important to us. Here are our top six tips:

  • Good manners that you would expect when meeting in person remain
  • Write down how you would like to introduce yourself with key points to say
  • Check out LinkedIn profiles of people on the member list for that group
  • Make a list of people you would like to connect with and ‘chat’ with them
  • Keep the place you are sitting in clutter free and tidy; you don’t need people to be distracted from what you are saying
  • Follow up and stay in touch with people for a virtual or physical 1-2-1 meetings.


Are you ready to give the virtual world a go? 

We would love to welcome you to one of our virtual groups where you can start to build connections and grow your business from the comfort of your own home or office. 


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