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Adaptability is a key attribute to any business and as the coronavirus crisis intensifies, Sterling Networks launch ‘Sterling Virtual’ to keep businesses connected and operating. With over 270 members from the business community, working together by virtual networking in groups across the region, Sterling Virtual helps maintain business relationships and visibility. It has also taken on an important role of providing emotional support to business owners at a very challenging time.

 Just one month on from Sterling Networks’ biggest networking event to date, with 150 businesses attending a BIG breakfast event at Worcester Sixways stadium on 27th February, the scene couldn’t be more different in today’s business world. The launch of Sterling Virtual is welcomed by members who continue to network via Zoom, through the same structured meeting every other week across Worcestershire, Gloucestershire, Wiltshire and Oxfordshire.

Co-Founder and Director at Sterling Networks, Neil Davis, explains, “It’s been a whirlwind launch of Sterling Virtual as we’ve had to quickly adapt to the changing business world because of the coronavirus. Although no one could have foreseen the massive impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, virtual networking was always on our list for the future expansion of Sterling Networks, as we could see clear benefits. Not only can you network, any day or night, it also opens up new opportunities to business owners who are usually unable to attend physical meetings, perhaps for reasons of family commitments.”

Neil adds, “We also now find that geographical boundaries to networking have automatically been lifted! From the comfort of your own home you can cost effectively network with businesses in different cities, even different regions, providing a sales and marketing platform without the restraints of logistics. Using our tried and tested meeting structure, networking virtually with 20+ members over 2 hours, gives each meeting a unique energy and genuine positivity”.

As all businesses enter a period of uncertainty, the new Sterling Virtual Networks provide a platform where members can support each other in a practical way. Sterling have an army of members in Accountancy, HR, business advisors, IT companies… and the list goes on! All waiting to start a conversation, build connections and provide support as a proactive sales and marketing lifeline.