The Buzz of the Worcester Expo

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The Buzz of the Worcester Expo

The Buzz of the Worcester Expo

From the early hours of Thursday 5th May, in the area around Sixways Stadium, Worcester - a buzzing sound is to be expected.  The cause? The ever-popular Sterling BIG Breakfast, with 150 business delegates, sets the tone for a high-intensity day of networking and starting conversations. The energy pours into the Sterling Expo, which is a hive of activity, with 50 stands and business delegates invited from around the region keen to make connections. With a maximum of two exhibitors from any business category the Expo offers great variety and potential interest to all delegates looking to grow their businesses.

New for 2022 is the Sterling BIG Brunch, which offers those delegates who may have to travel further or have conflicting morning commitments, a further opportunity to experience the legendary and established round-table networking format whilst also enjoying a delicious brunch. The BIG Breakfast and BIG Brunch events are guided by our experienced Group Leaders, allowing all networkers to make the most of the connections available.

Be sure to book in advance for the BIG Breakfast and BIG Brunch at:

All business delegates are warmly invited to attend the Worcester Expo and are asked to pre-register, for FREE, via Eventbrite at:

BIG Breakfast: 6.45-9am

Worcester Expo: 9am – 1pm

BIG Brunch: 10.15am – 12pm

The Worcester Expo brings the Sterling spring series of exhibitions to a close, however behind the scenes Sterling HQ is setting store for the autumn series starting in Oxford in September.

Sterling Autumn 2022 Expo Dates:

Oxford: 23rd September

Bristol: 14th October

Worcester: 17th November

Gloucester: 29th November

A very warm welcome awaits you at our Sterling Exhibitions!