Why Network?

Building long lasting business relationships helps you grow your business… FACT! But it doesn’t just stop there!

Business relationships are built on trust

The foundation and success of networking is built on the philosophy that ‘people buy from people’. Joining a networking group, such as Sterling, helps increase your number of business contacts and increases the chance that a potential customer will want to use your product or service. Each member within a networking group has their own network of contacts, which bring a whole wider network of potential referrals. Having 1 to 1’s, building a trusted relationship enables you to tap-in to new customers with that all important ‘foot in the door’.

Source quality partners and suppliers

Finding quality partners and suppliers can be difficult, often venturing into the unknown…. “Will they do a good job for me and my customers?” Having a networking group gives you an approved network of experts, dedicated to delivering quality products and services. You can also discuss new ideas and emerging trends with your networking peers, safe in the understanding that you have a network of professionals with a wide background of knowledge and experience.

Working in networking synergy

Successful networking groups have a special synergy within each membership network. Learning from each other, supporting both personal and business relationships. Giving back to the business community is never more evident than in an established networking group. Helping other businesses grow, cements a long-lasting relationship.

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Networking is the catalyst to genuine friendships

Often never mentioned by networking groups… friendships. A commitment to a regular networking group provides the perfect catalyst to building a network of business friends. Sole traders or small business owners benefit from talking to people in the same position. Empathy is a powerful emotion and consistent contact with like-minded people brings a meeting alive with energy in a genuine nurturing environment.

For more information about the powerful benefits of networking, please email info@sterlingnetworks.co.uk or alternatively call 01905 947150.

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