Sterling Partnership Opportunities

Sterling is looking to create new opportunities and offer a unique partnership package for key companies who are looking to grow and develop their business.

People working together in a strong community with a shared goal and a common purpose can make the impossible possible?

Working together is success

As a company we love to create long term relationships with businesses and want to work in partnership with one company per profession as our Sterling Partner.

Each partnership can be tailor made for the business to ensure we maximise the opportunities together. The partnership will be based on a monthly fee on a 12 month basis and we will work together during that time to ensure that all aspects are being delivered.

You will be assigned a dedicated Account Manager at Sterling HQ to work with to ensure we work with you on a 1-2-1 basis to give your business maximum exposure and promotion

Qualities of a good Sterling Partner

Our Sterling partners will align with us in our core values and the essence and spirit of working together. These qualities will include:
  • Passion 
  • Openness 
  • Industry Knowledge
  • Dedication to Growth 

Expectations of a good Sterling Partner

In working together there are a number of qualities that we will expect of our Sterling Partners to help maximise opportunities and success.
  • Be the Owner/Director of the Business 
  • Share and offer content and experience 
  • Active attendance at events and meetings included in the package
  • Offer support and engagement with all Sterling Partners
  • Display a positive attitude
  • Have a GIVE-GIVE-WIN-WIN mentality

Delivers on results that are important to your business

Sterling Networks delivers on results: building networks, driving sales, gaining exposure for your brand and consistently providing opportunities to grow your business.  Ask yourself… do your current networking and marketing activities tick all the boxes that Sterling Networks can?